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IPA? Nah. Sour beer? Meh. Miller Lite? Hell no. We’ll take a glitter beer. (Yep. You heard us.)

This sparkling pint was recently spotted at Bold Missy Brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we’re having a lot of feelings. At first we were wildly offended. Then confused. Then intrigued. And now we’re seriously considering taking a road trip to Charlotte this weekend to try it. (Those shimmery swirls are just so hypnotic...)

Head brewer Carli Smith created the limited-edition lemon and pink peppercorn saison for a party honoring psychedelic illustrator Lisa Frank. (It’s called Trapper Keeper, of course.) And while this is not the first iteration of the concept, our inner 10-year-old’s heart is fluttering at this homage.

How’d she do it, you’re wondering? Edible glitter called “luster dust” is added to individual kegs of beer before serving.

And don’t worry: If sparkling beer is too weird for you, there are always edible bath bomb cocktails.

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