Self-Chilling Cold Brew Is Here, and Its Just in Time for Iced Coffee Season
7-Eleven/Getty Images

Iced coffee season is already in full force (and it never ends, for some of us devout cold-brew lovers). But, is it just us, or do you always end up with a soaking wet cup of melting ice cubes that leaves a puddle on your desk, conference room tables and kitchen counters before you’re even done with your cup of cold joe?

Popular purveyor of Slurpees, hot dogs and gasoline, 7-Eleven may have a solution to your iced coffee woes. The gas station chain just debuted a self-chilling can of cold brew from Fizzics, called Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee, but it’s not what’s inside that matters. The packaging marks the first self-chilling can available in the U.S.—it took 25 years to develop—which uses patented technology to turn the room temp cans to a perfectly refreshing drinking temp.

All you have to do is twist the base of the soda-like metal can (which activates a hissing sound so you know the magic is working) and wait 90 seconds. Voilà: Your iced coffee in a can is ready (which is still recyclable after you’re done enjoying your sparkling java). Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew comes in regular, French vanilla and caramel flavors and contains only 50 calories a can.

For now, the sorcery technology is available in only15 7-Elevens in the L.A. area, but we’re sure we’ll be seeing the Chill Cans in many a highway gas station soon enough.

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