Anna Faris Talks Returning to the ‘Scary Movie’ Franchise

Anna Faris is a master of comedy, as evidenced by her roles in films like Just Friends, The House Bunny and What's Your Number?. Most recently, she starred in her first-ever Super Bowl commercial with a spot for Avocados from Mexico, where she pulled out her comedic chops again. Prior to the Big Game, Faris sat down with PureWow to talk about the ad and future projects—and the discussion eventually led to the possibility of Faris returning to the Scary Movie franchise.

The 46-year-old's big breakout role was as Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie, a role which she reprised in three sequels. However, Faris did not appear in the most recent film in the series, Scary Movie 5 (2013). When asked if she would consider doing another installment, Faris jokingly responded: “Only for a whole lot of money!”

Anna Faris.
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However, Faris clarified that this did not mean that she didn't enjoy making the Scary Movie films. “I mean, they are hard movies, they really are,” she explained. “My job is to get hit in the head by something and they want that close-up.”

While laughing, she then asked: “Do you know what it's like to have something fly at you and not wince? It's really hard...So that's where the big money is.” But all jokes aside, Faris added, “I'm so grateful for [that] franchise and I grew up doing them.”

Faris also opened up about how excited she was to be in her first-ever Super Bowl commercial. “It's hugely thrilling to be in a national commercial in general—I've never been in one, no one's ever hired me before,” she said.

During Super Bowl LVII, Faris appeared in a spot for Avocados from Mexico, where she portrayed Eve in the Garden of Eden. However, this wasn't your typical biblical tale. In a surprise twist, Faris (as Eve) ends up eating an avocado instead of taking a bite from an apple.

The Mom actress said she was thrilled to do the spot because she's a big avocado lover herself. “I love avocados...I was really honored that they chose me.”

As far as whether she was excited for the Big Game, Faris candidly said: “Full disclosure...even though I love Super Bowl Sunday, I never really watch the game.”

Something tells us she at least tuned in for the commercials.

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