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Football games, mean girls, behind-the-bleachers trysts and ill-mannered bullies are just a few things the teens in 13 Reasons Why face. Yeah, Netflix’s new high school drama is a doozy, but there are plenty of reasons to include the novel turned television show in your weekend plans. Don’t believe us? Here, 13 reasons why we highly suggest 13 Reasons Why is the best new show to binge-watch.

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13 Reasons Why Netflix Series

It's On Netflix

This one is obvious. But not every online streaming service allows us to binge-watch an entire show at the pace of our choosing (and above all else, judgment-free). Because, like, waiting an entire week for a new episode to be released is so inconvenient.

13 reasons why Netflix Book cover
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It's Based on a Book by Jay Asher (Who Also Wrote ‘My So-Called Life')

Thirteen Reasons Why is 288 pages of pure literary bliss. But did you know the author, Jay Asher, also wrote My So-Called Life? Yeah, one of the greatest television series of all time, starring vintage Claire Danes and the dreamiest version of Jared Leto.

13 Reasons Why 3

But the Show is Slightly Different Than the Book

Although the overall message is the same, Netflix’s interpretation of 13 Reasons Why slightly deviates from the book’s story line. Without giving too much away, one thing to note is that the novel’s events take place within a 24-hour time period, whereas the series is spread out over the course of several weeks. So, even if you already know the ins and outs of Asher’s best-selling novel, we promise the Netflix adaptation is definitely worth checking out.

13 Reasons Why 4

It is Directed Beautifully

When a TV show jumps between the past and present, it can often leave its viewers confused. This isn't the case for 13 Reasons Why. Instead, the show is shot in a style in which the characters are silent observers of their own flashbacks, which translates to a mysterious (yet totally relatable) vibe.

13 Reasons Why 5

And the Perfect Combination of Drama and Mystery

Despite a title sequence featuring teenage diary doodles that could've been found on the set of Blossom, viewers quickly learn 13 Reasons Why is not a show bursting with sunshine and rainbows. Instead, the story is intense, realistic and those seemingly harmless doodles actually foreshadow what's to come.

13 Reasons Why Reasons

It Addresses Serious Issues

There is a fine line between dramatic TV and a PSA, and 13 Reasons Why could have easily fallen into the latter category. The show successfully tackles serious issues—like rape, homosexuality and teen suicide—without sounding like an after-school special. Bravo, Netflix.

13 Reasons Why 7

But Filming Wasn't 'Ruff' for the Cast

The show's material is rough, but we feel better knowing puppies were involved. Yep, the crew reportedly had therapy dogs on set to help the young actors cope with emotionally draining scenes.

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13 Reasons Why 8

Kevin Bacon's Daughter Makes A Cameo

Oh hey, Kevin Bacon’s daughter. Not only does Sosie Bacon make a tattooed barista cameo in 13 Reasons Why, but she is also one of few people to have literally only one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon.

13 Reasons Why 9

And Selena Gomez is an Executive Producer

From her on-again-off-again relationship with the Biebs to a brief stint in rehab, Selena Gomez has been through a lot. So yeah, she poured her heart and soul into this series, and we couldn’t be more grateful for such raw honesty and storytelling. And now, we binge-watch.

13 Reasons Why Cast

The Cast is Dynamic

From Addison Montgomery—we mean—Kate Walsh to Dylan Minnette (formerly known as Scandal’s late Jerry Grant Jr.), it took an all-star cast to bring these dynamic characters to life.

13 Reasons Why 11

And The Soundtrack is Music to Our Ears

Teens tend to have interesting taste in music (excluding the wise-beyond-her-years/music-mogul-in-the-making Chloe Mackenzie), but the melodic soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why will take you on a haunting and emotional roller coaster. Fire up those earbuds because the entire soundtrack is available for your binge-listening pleasure via Spotify.

13 Reasons Why 12

It's Not Just Another High School Drama

Most of us left the hormonal halls of high school long ago, but 13 Reasons Why isn’t just another Degrassi. (Though we’d love to see a Drake, er, Jimmy Brooks revival.) The storyline goes far beyond a typical teen drama and (hopefully) gives viewers a unique perspective into the—mildly confusing—mind of a teenager.

13 Reasons Why 13

And Season 2 Is a Possibility

What’s next for Clay? And Alex? We need answers! While Hannah’s story line clearly can’t be revived, Asher has expressed interest in creating a second season to elaborate on the multiple (and purposeful) cliffhangers we’re left with at the conclusion of the principal season.

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