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We like to think we’re pretty clever ladies.

But we recently realized we’ve been wasting precious kitchen space just by keeping a basil plant on the countertop (rather than on the completely empty wall next to it).

These are the eight things you can’t afford not to hang in your apartment.

Your Lamps

Stop wasting precious nightstand space when there is plenty of room right there on the wall. Mount a sconce and take back those four square feet.

EGLO ($78 each)

Your Nightstand

Want to get rid of that piece altogether? Hang a sturdy, deep shelf above your bed and treat it the same as a side table. Use it to store your lamp, alarm clock, books, foot cream, whatever.

Pottery Barn (from $99)

Your Bar Cart

Wine racks: Of course, you’ve thought of that. But have you realized you can choose a honeycomb-like design and add on as your gin-and-bourbon collection also grows?

Etsy ($70)


Your Herb Garden

Wherever you get the most light, affix rods and hanging baskets to that wall. Your wilting countertop basil will thank you. 

IKEA (from $9)

Your Hair Tools

Take it from your stylist--organization is key. Use a hat rack to give your dryer and irons a proper home.

Woodland Imports ($61)

Your Cleaning Products

Hang spray bottles from a small shower rod--but make sure it can withstand the weight. (Screw mounts are best, and the hardware store can trim the rod to fit.)

Home Depot ($7)

Your Pots and Pans

Mount a peg board (yes, you can paint it the color of your wall) and hang bulky cookware. Industrial kitchens are “in,” anyway.

Ace Hardware ($12)

Your Closet

Need more closet space? Let an ELFA system help you out.

Container Store (prices vary)

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