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We’re Calling It: This Austrian Red Wine Is the Rosé of Fall

Yes, in theory we could drink rosé all year. But like eating watermelon or wearing a muumuu, it just wouldn’t feel right in a non-summer setting. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want need an easy drinking wine to imbibe through our year-round days of leisure. Enter Blaufränkisch (blouw-FRANN-keesh).

Light in body, and a pleasingly complex mix of juicy and spicy, this lesser-known Austrian grape is sometimes referred to as “the Pinot Noir of the east.” And it’s pretty damn delicious. We recently brought a bottle to a dinner party. Here’s what the guests had to say:

“I could see myself day-drinking this wine and not needing to go to bed at 5:00 p.m.,” said a podcast producer.

“This is definitely not a steak dinner red—I’d drink this, like, while reading a book,” piped in a financial advisor.

“I would literally have this with an omelet for breakfast,” a product designer added.

“This wine is such a Sagittarius,” a a client success analyst told us. “It’s humorous—it doesn’t take itself too seriously.” 

If the highly scholarly wine critiques of a half-drunk dinner party are any indication, this low-key wine might just be fall’s answer to pink.

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