The Absolute Best Potatoes for Mashed Potatoes
ShellBRoyster/Getty Images

When done right, mashed potatoes are pretty much the perfect dish. They’re comforting, total crowd-pleasers and don’t require any fancy ingredients or culinary know-how. So how do you achieve this ultimate carb nirvana? The trick to whipping up perfect mashed potatoes starts with choosing the right spuds.  

If you like 'em fluffy: Opt for a starchy potato, like russet or Katahdin, that can handle vigorous mashing without turning into glue. (Tip: Swap your masher for a ricer to really get light-as-air spuds.)

If you like 'em creamy: Choose Yukon Golds, which have a buttery texture. (But, um, you should still add more butter.) They’re great for roasting and baking, too.

If you like 'em chunky: Go for waxy Red Bliss potatoes. These guys have great flavor, which makes them ideal for those who like a more rustic mash. But watch out—handle them too much and they get gloopy.

But don’t mix and match: Stick to one potato variety per recipe, because different types can cook at different rates.

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