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Picnics are great in theory, but don’t they seem like so much work? Between the artfully arranged charcuterie and the picture-perfect mason-jar cocktails, we’re pretty sure our patience--and itty-bitty kitchen--would crack under the Pinterest-induced pressure.

Luckily, we’ve got just the solution: ten easy-to-make, easy-to-transport recipes that are perfect for the park, be it Central or Prospect.

nyc picnic cucumber salad
Erin McDowell

A Lettuce-Less Salad

Salads are great and all, but sometimes we get tired of boring old lettuce. Switch things up with a chilled cucumber version.

nyc picnic couscous
Erin McDowell

Great Grains

Spicy couscous with yogurt is as delicious cold as it is hot, making it the perfect bring-anywhere accoutrement.

nyc picnic summer sipper
Erin McDowell

Grown-Up Juice Boxes

These cute little portable sippers are refreshing (in raspberry-lime and lemonade-iced tea flavors) and can be made in advance. A win-win-win, if you ask us.

nyc picnic quinoa cakes
Erin McDowell

Better Veggie Burgers

Meatless patties can be blah, but that couldn’t be further from the case with these quinoa-beet cakes that are just as at home on a hamburger bun as they are atop mixed greens.

nyc picnic sweet potato salad

A Sweet (Potato) Salad

What’s summer without potato salad? This upgraded version uses sweet potatoes for an extra health kick, along with cranberries, pecans and maple syrup.

nyc picnic sangria
Erin McDowell

No-Mess Sangria

Frozen peaches and raspberries add a fruity kick to this white-wine sangria that gets better as it sits and is--bonus--white-jeans-friendly. Just remember to transport it in something just a touch more discreet. 

nyc picnic spring pasta
Erin McDowell

Summer Pasta

Pasta at a picnic? Yes. Especially when it’s light and seasonal and requires only one pot to make.

nyc picnic cheese straws
Erin McDowell

The New Breadstick

Three ingredients are all you need for these addictive bacon-wrapped cheese straws

nyc picnics coconut bars
Erin McDowell

Fancier Candy

These delightful chocolate-coconut-almond bars taste shockingly similar to an Almond Joy--but you know every single ingredient that goes into them.

nyc picnic cake batter cookies
Erin McDowell

Cake Cookies

Everyone loves cake. But they aren't exactly the easiest to transport. Our solution? These delightful cake-batter cookies

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