18 Creative Names for Grandparents That Aren't Grandma and Grandpa

There are options, people

So your in-laws took Grandma and Grandpa and now your parents are scratching their heads trying to figure out what they should be called. Don’t worry: There are tons of adorable names they can totally adopt. Here, some of our favorite creative names for grandparents.

15 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart

baba and babu

1. Baba and Babu

Georgian for "grandma" and "grandpa."

2. Bubbe and Zayde

Yiddish, oy vey.

3. Babcia and Dziadziu

From our Polish pals. (Pronounced bop-cha and ja-jee.)


4. Nana

Easy to pronounce for the little ones.

5. Nani and Nana

The maternal grandparent names in Hindi.

6. Dadi and Dada

And the paternal ones (yep, no confused kids here).

7. Nonna and Nonno

Che bello!


8. Gigi

Or “GG” when she’s signing off on birthday cards.

9. Madear

Fitting for how adored she is in the fam.

10. Mimi

One of your baby’s first words—right after Mama, of course.

11. Poppa G

Aka the original gangsta of the family.

poppa g

12. Popsie

For the granddad who has a twinkle in his eye.

13. PopPop

He don’t stop.

14. Grandy

Well, that’s just dandy.

15. Lola and Lolo

From our Filipino friends.

oma and opa

16. Oma and Opa

German for "grandma" and "grandpa."

17. Abu

Short for Abuela.

18. Gammy

Also goes by Gams.

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