OMG, look what just arrived in your mailbox: a beautifully embossed invite to your BFF/coworker/second cousin’s wedding. Before you RSVP, here's a quick refresher on all the ways you run the risk of annoying the pants (errr, pretty white dress) off the bride.


1. You fail to RSVP by the deadline.

2. Then, when you finally do, you add a plus-one.

3. And your kids.

4. All of whom weren’t invited.

5. You keep calling the bride to ask about the dress code. 

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6. And directions.

7. Even though every single one of those details is listed on the invitation.

8. And the wedding website.

9. And easily clarified by Google Maps and Emily Post.

10. Opinions on the registry? Hello, you have tons.


11. Same with the seating chart. (Druncle Bob’s table, really?) 

12. And the photo booth. (Wait, it doesn’t print photos? OMG.)

13. Despite all the convos about the dress code, you show up wearing sneakers.

14. And white.

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15. During the ceremony, you block the $1,000-per-hour photog’s view with your smartphone.

16. And post pics of the bride on Facebook before she says “I do.”

17. You swap your seat assignment. (Sorry, Druncle Bob.)

18. And your meal choice.


19. You request “The Macarena” not once, but twice.

20. Which, unfortunately, you decide to drunkenly twerk to.

21. Before making a sloppy (and un-invited) toast.

22. Because seven glasses of Champagne is maybe one (or five) over your limit.


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