In this town, things move fast. Just when we got used to kale, we learned about broccoleaf. But for spring, we've got you covered. From inventions (like a sleek no-mess home juicer) to innovations (love you, dog café filled with shelter canines), we’re psyched to be doing what the rest of Los Angeles is doing this spring...all right here.

Cafe-Sitting With Shelter Dogs

This just-opened Dog Café in Los Feliz has a unique selling proposition--pay $10 for a cup of coffee while frolicking with a room full of dogs that are up for adoption. And hey, just like in any coffee shop, you might meet the love of your life, only with four legs.

240 N. Virgil Ave.; 213-810-2872 or

Making That Collagen Coffee

Collagen--the protein that makes up to about 75 percent of your skin--is what keeps skin firm and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, it depletes as we age. (Boo). But now, we don’t ever have to worry about looking over 35 again, because drinkable collagen--the trend from Asia--has landed stateside. Apparently consuming teeny molecules of hydrolyzed collagen jump-starts your body’s own collagen production. Mix a tablespoon of flavorless Bulletproof Collagen Protein ($36) into your daily smoothie or coffee and ponder which adorable homeless pup you might just take home.

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Sending Crystals Instead of Flowers

Why send your friend a get-well card when you can give her healing stones--amethyst, quartz, citrine and ametrine--in a beautiful wooden box with a little hand-written card and explanatory key? (This is LA, after all.) There are curated selections ($35) for new jobs, housewarming, even romance. Because flowers wilt, but diamonds (OK, quartz pieces) are forever.

Channeling Our Jenny from the Block

Inspired by her work with dance dynamo Jennifer Lopez, celebrated exercise studio owner Tracy Anderson has developed an hour-long dance class that’s fun, accessible for even non-dancers and challenging enough to leave you sore for days. Curious but don’t want to spend hundreds for a studio membership? Now you can buy a single class ($45) at the Brentwood and Studio City locations.

Various locations

Juicing Without the Mess

New Juicero home juicers make delicious cold-pressed juice from fresh, home-delivered pouches full of triple-washed greens, beets, carrots, citrus and more. Pouches are delivered to your door so you can just pop one into the sleek machine, and four tons of pressure later, you’ve got a crazy-healthy glass of health. It sounds pricey ($699), but if you’ve had to take apart and clean a traditional juicer every day, you’ll understand.

Shopping Newsy Swimwear

Miami-based swimwear company iShine365 has just popped up in Venice, and it’s full of cult brands of bikinis and one-pieces, including fresh shapes like halter tops and cool fabrics like velvet (yep). But since that boot camp isn’t over yet, we’ll be focusing on the edit of cover-ups: hats, beach pants and dresses.

1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice;

Seeing Liz Taylor's Loot

For her 900 Nimes Road exhibit at MOCA Pacific Design Center, Catherine Opie spent six months photographing the Bel Air residence of the late Elizabeth Taylor. In the same way William Eggleston lovingly photographed Elvis’s Graceland, Opie paints an intimate portrait of Taylor through the icon’s own home. And yes, there are plenty of jewels and fur.

8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; 310-289-5223 or

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