Elle Fanning Looks Unrecognizable in Hulu’s ‘The Girl from Plainville’ Trailer

After watching The Girl from Plainville trailer, we just have to say the resemblance between Ellen Fanning and Michelle Carter is completely uncanny.

On Wednesday, Hulu released a teaser for the new series. The Mary Shelley star transforms into Michelle Carter, a teenage girl from Massachusetts that was convinced of involuntary manslaughter for her involvement in the suicide of her boyfriend at the time, Conrad Roy III.

The trailer starts with Michelle gripping her cellphone and leaving her room in a daze. While overcome with tears, her parents ask her what’s wrong, to which she responds, “Conrad’s dead.” From that moment, we’re given a glimpse into the terrifying court case that captured the nation.

Based on the Esquire article written by Jesse Barron, the eight-episode season follows Michelle’s relationship with Conrad and the famous 2017 trial that's often referred to as the “texting suicide” case. The article is referenced throughout the trailer. For example, there was a conversation the couple had about being star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet.

Aside from Fanning, The Girl From Plainville features a talented ensemble cast that includes Chloë Sevigny (American Psycho), Colton Ryan (Dear Evan Hansen), Cara Buono (Stranger Things), Kai Lennox (The Life Inside) and Norbert Leo Butz (Bloodline). The new series is set to premiere on March 29.

Don’t mind us, we’re just getting our popcorn ready.

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