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New York is a study in juxtapositions: piles of trash outside the Plaza, rats fighting over crumbs under a gorgeous subway mosaic, idyllic views from the High Line (if you can see past the mobs of tourists). And this latest phenomenon is the perfect reminder that beauty can strike where you least expect it: “random acts of flowers” popping up all over the city.

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The flash installations are the work of Lewis Miller Design, a floral design studio that’s curated blooms for the likes of Chanel and MoMA. Lucky for us, the team wanted to spread its botanical talents beyond luxury events and weddings—and create something one-of-a-kind for the people.

So far, the surprise arrangements have taken many forms: a boa of roses for the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park, a halo for John Lennon’s Strawberry Fields memorial, a crown of blossoms atop the iconic LOVE sculpture. But our favorites have to be the unsuspecting city trash cans that get transformed into giant, colorful bouquets.

You can scope out more of the studio’s work on Instagram, but the best way to see it, without question, is in person. Because stumbling across a gorgeous splash of flowers is a pretty great reminder that this city is (still) full of surprises.

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