‘Fatherhood’ Is the New #1 Movie on Netflix—Here’s My Honest Review of the Kevin Hart Flick

*Warning: Minor spoilers ahead*

Fatherhood arrived on Netflix just in time for Father’s Day, and it’s already claimed the number one spot on the streaming service’s list of top-rated movies.

The feel-good flick stars Kevin Hart as a single dad of a young daughter, and it’s just as heartwarming as it sounds. Here’s my honest review of Fatherhood.

fatherhood review

So, what is Fatherhood about? The movie opens on Matthew Logelin (Hart) getting ready to attend a funeral. Through a series of flashbacks, viewers learn that his wife, Liz (Deborah Ayorinde), tragically passed away due to a childbirth complication. As a result, he’s now the sole guardian of their new daughter, Maddy. (This might sound like a spoiler, but it’s revealed within the first few minutes, making it a pivotal part of the synopsis.)

The problem isn’t that Matt is incapable of taking care of a child. Instead, his mom and mother-in-law refuse to let him try. After a few weeks, he convinces his family to return home, so he and Maddy can begin their lives together.

The story takes place over the course of several years, beginning with infant Maddy and continuing throughout her childhood. Matt endures multiple struggles that single parents face, like meeting new partners and encouraging independence, even if it means letting Maddy make her own decisions.

fatherhood review netflix kevin hart

So, is it worth the watch? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Regardless of how you feel about Hart, Fatherhood is a feel-good story that left me with a smile on my face.

Yes, Fatherhood has some silly references and a few poorly timed jokes, highlighting parenting fails à la Three Men and a Baby. But overall, it’s definitely more of a drama than a comedy (which I genuinely appreciate, given the plot).

My favorite aspect is the film’s character development. The movie did a great job of recreating each stage of Maddy’s childhood—so much so that I found myself silently rooting for their relationship, cursing when things didn’t go Matt’s way and grinning when they did. That being said, the movie is bound to pull at your heartstrings, so be ready to get emotional.

fatherhood review netflix

Purewow Rating: 4 Stars

Fatherhood is appropriate for all types of viewers, including parents and child-less streamers. The only reason it didn’t receive a higher rating is because it can get somewhat predictable at times.

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