‘Bridgerton’ Fans Fall for April Fools' Joke (& They're Not Happy About it)

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Sorry, Bridgerton fans. We won't be getting more Regency-era romance quite yet.

It seems that we can only trust news straight from Lady Whistledown herself, because fans of the hit Netflix series have been the target of an April Fools' trick. Excitement generated after The Tab revealed that the second season of Bridgerton would have a surprise premiere next week. But as it turns out, the announcement was merely a practical joke.

Although production on the second season isn't set to begin until this spring, the British news source pretended this was a ploy to shock viewers. In a fake news alert, they wrote, "It was initially thought that filming for the new episodes was about to commence this month, but a spokesperson for Netflix has now officially announced that this is actually for season three, and the second was filmed at the same time as the first, so is ready to go now."

The article claimed the news came from an "insider source" who said, "We wanted to make this a special surprise for our very special viewers." The author, Hayley Soen, even played up some steamy rumors, quoting the "source" as saying, "There’s going to be SO much more in this season. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Duke fully dressed on set, he is ALWAYS naked and everyone loves it. Anthony gets his bum out again and we might even throw in some extra surprises. I’m so excited. I haven’t slept since January."

Despite enthusiasm produced by fans, sources like The Mirror quickly uncovered the hoax. Soen shared her excitement about the success of the prank, tweeting, "Writing an April Fools' article which gets picked up by the papers as causing a national 'outrage' is the highlight of my career. I've peaked."

While fans are anxious for the latest season, they'll have to wait a little longer than a week. In fact, Luke Newton, who plays the role of Colin Bridgerton, just clarified in a press junket that the cast hasn't even started filming season 2 yet. "We haven't actually started yet...But everyone individually is getting ready and psyched up for season two," Newton said.

While the rumors may not be true, we can still hope some of those sexy teasers come to fruition.

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