Dear Squabbling Couples: This Genius Website Combines Your Two Movie Choices

Scenario: You want to watch Sleepless in Seattle. Your honey wants to watch Blade Runner. Neither of you is backing down. What do you do?


You head over to, a new website that’ll analyze your two movies and spit out a suggestion for a great flick that combines elements of both.

Plug in E.T. and 500 Days of Summer, and it tells you to watch Back to the Future. Try Deliverance + Annie Hall and it suggests Pulp Fiction.

You can filter results by streaming source (Netflix, HBO GO, etc.), and you can also ask the site to generate a random combo, for Russian roulette-style choosing.

As for the Sleepless/Blade Runner love child: It’s Thelma & Louise, in case you were wondering.

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