Finding a hair tutorial that’s easy to follow (and delivers the look it’s supposed to) is hard to come by. That’s why we’ve created our own five-step foolproof guide. Prepare to fall in love with this low chignon hairstyle that will have you looking chic and sophisticated tout de suite.

Step 1: Use your fingers to work a nickel-sized amount of Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream into your hair (use more for longer or thicker locks) and then brush smooth.

Step 2: Make a low looped ponytail, secured with an elastic.

Step 3: Divide the bottom piece into two sections. Bring one section up and around to cover the elastic and pin in place. Repeat with the remaining section.

Step 4: Use Alterna Haircare Caviar Working Hair Spray to keep the chignon in place.

Step 5: To smooth frizz and flyaways or add some polish, lightly spray Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Frizz Dry Oil Mist onto the style. Use your hands to smooth into place.