What 2020 Means for Scorpio

Get ready for some major growth this year, Scorpio! 2020 will be all about reaping rewards from past actions. Now is the moment for success in your projects, both professional and personal, as well as increased abilities and competency in your field. Who doesn’t want that?

Love: You’ll be mostly maintaining the status quo in your romantic relationships this year. 2020 will be all about appreciating what you’ve got, whether it be an amazing partner who supports you or an amazing self that finds worth and meaning in independence.

Money: Get ready for a harvest year, Scorpio! Wealth and financial stability will come easy to you in 2020, making it an important time to conserve for the future and plan ahead. You’ll be experiencing increased vision, clarity and personal power this year, meaning it is the perfect time to expand (or create) your investment portfolio.

Career: Scorpios might find themselves overwhelmed or exhausted with a time-consuming work project, but that should clear up mid-year when changes (for the better) in your work situation bring greater clarity about your future. Be careful not to push too aggressively with coworkers or subordinates during this time, as you could see your reputation affected later on.

Health & Wellness: Your personal health will be great this year, but it may be time to step up to the plate and help with the health of someone close to you, particularly from the older generation. Take opportunities to become a caregiver as they arise, and you may find yourself unexpectedly fulfilled.

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