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There are certain joys that come with aging--we wouldn’t give up our financial stability, experience and confidence for anything. But sometimes we long for the days when we could go out dancing, eat an entire pizza and still make it to Pilates the next morning. Try these fun ideas to shake up your routine and feel more like your old self (but better).

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younger list 1

Get Enough Shut-eye

The most important thing? Beauty rest. Power off your phone and turn off that Netflix at least an hour before you want to be asleep. You’ll wake to a clearer mind (and no circles under your eyes).

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Plan Four Major Nights Out a Year

Make time for at least one big night out per season on your calendar--no exceptions. This is the time to head to a big concert. Or dinner at that amazing Michelin-starred restaurant that you read about. Or go all out and fly to Vegas for the weekend.

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Schedule Drinks With the Girls

Note: This is in addition to your four nights out per year. Studies have shown that maintaining strong social relationships can help lower blood pressure and stress levels, which wards off dementia.

cake for bfast

Have Dessert for Breakfast

A little novelty in your daily life--like forgoing your usual Greek yogurt for a cheeky slice of cake--triggers dopamine. If you indulge once in a while, it’ll keep you feeling younger longer.

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Eat More Berries

…But when you’re not indulging your inner six-year-old, load up on the good stuff. Berries are especially great because they’re low in calories and sugar but high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that keep your skin (and brain) healthy.

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Get a New Hairstyle

A few snips here, a few highlights there. Some strategic grooming (sayonara, soccer mom bob) can take years off your face. Just look at Jennifer Aniston. Or Julia Roberts.

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Make a Mixtape of Your Favorite Throwback Tunes

OK, maybe it’s a Spotify playlist. Load it up with songs that bring you back to homecoming night. Or prom. Or your last week of college. Whatever coming-of-age moment that made you feel alive. (Vanilla Ice better be on there.)

younger list 8

And Get Your Blood Pumping

Forget the treadmill or elliptical. Head to the playground and have your own recess. Skip rope, climb the monkey bars or hop on a bike and pedal as fast as you can.

younger list 9

Get a Good Bra

You know, one that actually fits--and doesn’t have stains or loose threads. It will give you a much-needed (and visible) lift.

younger list 10

Visit Your Parents

No matter how old you are (or how far you’ve come since living at home), you can always count on Mom and Pops to treat you like a kid.

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