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Recent history has been unfair to the carnation. Known today as the choice bloom of elementary school boyfriends” and funeral directors, these guys were actually the height of luxury back in the day. (Their genus name, Dianthus, is derived from the Greek word meaning “flower of the gods.”)

This comes as no shocker to us—because they’re actually fantastic little flowers. Inexpensive (that’s a good thing, folks) and long lasting (they have an average life span of three weeks), they’ve got the same lushtextured effect as pricier blooms like hydrangeas and peonies. 

And we’re not the only ones singing carnations’ praises latelyWith romanticism (pastels and ruffles) trending across fashion, home and beauty, florists are bringing back these budget blooms in a major way. So upwardly mobile is their popularity, in fact, that floral companies like The Bouqs Company are even releasing carnation collections this season. “They’re bulletproof,” says chief floral designer Eric Buterbaugh. 

So let’s all check our cultural associations for a sec, and look at the above blooms for what they are: Happy, velvety and—dare we say?—sophisticated.

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