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How to Tap into Your Creativity If Youre an Introvert
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You’ve got a big meeting coming up at work and want to impress the pants off your boss. But if you’re an introvert, there’s a very specific way to get your creative juices flowing, according to a new study published in Thinking Skills and Creativity. (And FYI, it’s the exact opposite of what an extrovert would do.)

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University found that introverts fare much better at tapping into their creativity when they do relaxation training--things like meditation, stretching and deep-breathing exercises.

On the contrary, extroverts saw creativity levels surge when they participated in something called ideational skills training. This includes tasks like brainstorming exercises, mind-mapping and jotting down ideas and to-do lists.

The takeaway if you’re an introvert? You’ll bring super-brilliant ideas to the table as long as you can slip out to take a yoga class first. 

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