Maybe you want to eat more nutritious foods but aren't sure where to start. Think like a super-healthy person by stocking your pantry, refrigerator and freezer with these 20 foods.

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pantry eggs

1. Eggs
The possibilities are basically endless. Plus, they’re low in calories, high in protein and full of good fats.

2. Extra virgin olive oil
It's arguably the healthiest fat on earth. Use it to roast veggies or as a quick and tasty salad dressing.

3. Dried beans
Studies have shown that people who eat legumes are at a lower risk for heart disease. 

4. Avocado
Our obsession knows no bounds.

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pantry oats

5. Rolled oats
Eat these in the a.m. for an energy-packed day-starter that won’t leave you pining for a mid-morning snack.

6. Coconut oil
Can also pull double duty in the bathroom.

7. Garlic
Your breath might not thank you, but your immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, brain and heart health will.

8. Apple cider vinegar
Taking shots of this potent liquid has gained cult status among the healthy for its countless purported health benefits (clearing a stuffy nose and indigestion, aiding in weight loss and clearing skin, to name a few).

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pantry lemons

9. Lemons
To be squeezed into warm water and sipped in the morning.

10. Canned tuna
It’s cheap, it’s a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, it keeps forever and it’s convenient to have on hand for a healthy meal that requires almost no thought.

11. Fresh herbs
They make everything taste better and last way longer than you think (if you store them right).

pantry nutbutter

12. Nut butter
Almond’s one of the best, health-wise, but we’re not going to knock good old peanut.

13. Frozen vegetables
In some cases they’re even healthier than fresh.

14. Frozen fruit
Pre-portioned smoothies, coming right up.

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pantry honey

15. Honey
A much more virtuous alternative to white or fake sugars. Try subbing it in baked goods or just your morning tea.

16. Quinoa
Packed with protein and with a fraction of the carbs, quinoa can easily be subbed for pasta or rice.

17. Plain Greek yogurt
Tons of protein, nutrients and probiotics (a fancy word for healthy bacteria that boosts your immune system and keeps your stomach happy).

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pantry sweetpotato
WSMahar/Getty Images

18. Sweet potatoes
An excellent source of vitamins A, C and B6, these orange guys are as good baked into better-for-you fries as they are in vegan doughnuts.

19. Brown rice
Especially if you’re gluten-free, it’s much healthier than white rice but tastes shockingly similar.

20. Turmeric
It’s called a superfood for a reason: It eases inflammation, increases circulation and protects the heart and brain. It’s also versatile and delicious.

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