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Cat Yoga Is a Thing You Have to See to Believe
nan861206/Getty Images

A few months back we told you about goat yoga, which is totally real and not something that we made up. 

In the same vein is cat yoga, another real thing that sounds like it's made up. But it's not, and it's delightful. 

According to NPR, animal shelters in Illinois, Louisiana, New York and other states are partnering with yoga studios to raise money and adoption awareness by organizing classes in which cats roam around the studio while you're practicing.

It's pretty genius: You sign up for a class (ones at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society only cost $10), do yoga and hopefully come out of it wanting to take one of your feline classmates home with you.

Just try not to get jealous when the American Shorthair to your left has a better downward-facing dog than you do. 

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