Zibby Allen Posts Playful Slideshow Dedicated to ‘Virgin River’ Bestie Alexandra Breckenridge

"I miss my friend"

Zibby Allen.

Co-stars, cooking buddies and real-life besties Zibby Allen, 43, and Alexandra Breckenridge, 41, may spend a lot of time playing Brie Sheridan and Mel Monroe on Virgin River, but it seems their time on set isn't enough. Since most actors are currently on hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Allen showed how much she misses her on-set BFF by posting a new reel to Instagram.

“I miss my friend,” Allen wrote, along with an emoji of two women with bunny ears.

In honor of their friendship, Allen posted a slideshow of videos that see her and Breckenridge hanging out together, from laughing in hotel rooms to goofing off in sporting goods stores. However, it seems Allen encountered some technical trouble with the last slide, because she added: “(Reels app insists on making the last frame upside down no matter what I do...).”

Breckenridge expressed her appreciation in the comments, where she wrote, “I mean, it’s kind of funny that we’re upside down at the end...kind of said something about us.” The This Is Us actress also shared Allen’s video to her own IG Story, writing: “This. This!!! Makes me so happy! [heart emoji] [rainbow emoji]. Thank you zibs I miss you!”

Zibby Allen IG Story.
Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

In the past, we've seen many clips of the Virgin River actresses hanging out, and it usually involves them cooking together.

Fans expressed their love for the duo in the comments, like one person who wrote, “The most iconic costars and besties! Love Virgin River.” Another user added, “Thanks for sharing with us. You two have the sweetest friendship. Hope you are together again soon!”

Zibby, we hope you get reunited with your bestie ASAP.

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