Viola Davis Cusses (& Sings) During Candid Skydiving Video

This brand-new video of Viola Davis’s skydiving experience will make anyone with a fear of heights say, “Same.”

Yesterday, the How to Get Away with Murder star, 53, posted a series of videos in an Instagram slideshow, documenting her thrill-seeking adventure while visiting Big Island Gravity in Hawaii. And (disclaimer!) her language is NSFW.

In the first video, Davis is showing off her harness just moments before boarding the plane. “I’m feeling a little anxious, but I’m ready,” she says in the clip.

When the actress jumps out of the aircraft, she prays before shouting a series of cuss words and “oh, my God”s.

Of course, the real fun begins when Davis calms down, takes in the view and starts singing Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” while bobbing her head back and forth.

She captioned the post, “So…I jumped out of a plane. Yup. I did it. 12,000 ft and 100mph drop. It was awesome and the ultimate exercise in letting go, tackling my fears and freedom. Loved it!!! As a smart woman once said, ‘Courage is fear said with prayers.’”

Mission accomplished.