Trader Joe’s Secco Peach Bellinis Are Our Signature Summer Drink (and They’re $6 a Bottle)

Step away from the mimosas: Your summer brunch just got a delicious upgrade.

Trader Joe's (aka our favorite place on earth) has just rolled out Secco Peach Bellinis, and honestly, we've already stocked up for our next party (or three). According to TJ's, the peachy beverage was created by a family-owned German winery, has an 8 percent ABV and pairs fabulously with TJ's Grand Blue Blue Cheese. So basically, this bottle is here to make the hot weather the last thing on your mind.

But we can't forget the most exciting part—it's only $5.99 (although the price might differ slightly depending on your location). Cheers to the Trader Joe's gods for letting us host cheap brunches and rooftop parties every damn weekend.

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