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This Study Revealed Whether We Spend More Time Watching Netflix or More Time with Family
Courtesy of Netflix

We’re all guilty of wasting an entire day binge-watching a show on Netflix. (We can’t help it if The Sinner has a bajillion cliffhangers.) But these brand-new statistics will make you think twice about responding “Yes” to the “Are you still watching?” prompt.

According to a study conducted by the Streaming Observer, the average user watches Netflix for a little more than an hour each day. Seems pretty accurate, right? Well, the findings take a horrifying turn when you reach the yearly averages, which estimate that subscribers spend 434 hours (aka 18 full days) per year on the streaming service.

These numbers are alarmingly higher than the time we spend on other activities. For example, recent studies have shown that families spend about 34 to 37 minutes of quality time together each day. This accounts for undistracted conversations where family members “feel they actually bond,” which means hanging on the couch and watching Netflix doesn’t count.

To top it off, Netflix beat out every other category, including socializing, using social media, exercising and reading.

Just let that sink in.

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