Woah, It Took Over 24 Hours to Turn ‘The Crown’ Actress Elizabeth Debicki Into Princess Diana

The magic behind the scenes

Elizabeth Debicki.
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Elizabeth Debicki, 33, may have a naturally strong resemblance to the late Princess Diana in The Crown, but there was quite an extensive routine that occurred behind the scenes to help her transform into the iconic character.

In a new interview for Entertainment Weekly, Cate Hall (the hair and makeup designer for The Crown) revealed that in total, Debicki spent over a day in the makeup chair.

“In terms of fittings, I would say she's probably spent upwards of 30 hours in the hair and makeup chair while we do stuff,” Hall revealed.

When we imagine the most difficult scenes, we picture something like the “revenge dress.” But as it turns out, the more casual scenes were the hardest to recreate.

“When Diana's just been swimming, and she's laying around with her kids, trying to find that believable Diana within the lesser scene framework [was the most challenging],” Hall said.

In transforming Debicki into Lady Di, Hall said, “We probably had at least four, four-hour fittings before we were even close to going, ‘OK, this is what we're going to do.’”

The beauty routine included tans, manicures and daily adjustments to the actress’s hair and makeup. Debicki also dyed her eyebrows for the role and wore a wig so that she could nail the late princess’s iconic ’do.

While the team did an incredible job behind the scenes, Debicki’s transformation was amplified by her incredible performance, which earned her an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Seems all that hard work paid off. We can't wait to see Debicki transform yet again when the final season of The Crown kicks off on November 16.

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