Spring Spritzes Are Trending (and Here’s How to Make One with 2 Ingredients)

Remember when Aperol spritz cocktails were everywhere? Oh, wait, they still are—and we’re not mad about it. On the one hand, they had a serious moment; on the other, they never go out of style. Italians have been tossing them back at aperitivo hour for ages.

Although we’re still wrapped up in our love affair with the vibrant orange cocktail, we were excited when we recently learned the French have an aperitif (that you may or may not have heard of) that makes delightful spritzes too. Called Lillet, it’s a wine-based aperitif made from grand cru Bordeaux grapes (schmancy) and fruit liqueurs. In other words, it’s bright and fruity but neither too sweet nor too bitter.

While it’s available in three different varieties, we’re totally obsessed with the blanc and rosé versions, which are round and citrus-forward. Sip them on their own, or mix them up into light and springy spritz cocktails.

Here’s how: Fill glasses with ice and pour in equal parts Lillet and tonic water (or prosecco if you want to get fancy). Finally, garnish away with whatever strikes your fancy. Think lemon slices, lime wedges, cucumber, mint or strawberries. How easy is that?

Our favorite part of this no-fuss cocktail is that you can easily stash the two ingredients on your bar cart. Plus, unlike its Italian cousins (Campari and Aperol, looking at you), the aperitif is decidedly non-polarizing. In fact, we’d argue that it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser to have up your sleeve on a warm spring day.

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