The Percentage of Fans Who Consider Peter Weber to Be a ‘Bad’ Bachelor Is Way Higher than We Thought

peter weber bad bachelor

We’d be lying if we said that Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor has been our all-time favorite. Still, we had no idea how fans really felt about the 28-year-old pilot.

Insight Pest recently published a brand-new survey about what “bugs” Bachelor/Bachelorette fans the most. (Get it?) The company interviewed 1,000 viewers and compiled their thoughts on season 24, and the results are pretty damn funny.

One of the most interesting statistics is that 93 percent of fans think Weber is a “bad” Bachelor. This probably accounts for the fact that he’s let the women control the season, making poorly timed decisions and allowing eliminated contestants to rejoin the show.

So, is Weber actually a bad Bachelor? It’s hard to say, since the season isn’t over yet. Still, we don’t blame fans for voting “yes,” especially since it’s been an unconventional ride.

From Hannah Brown to Alayah, his entire journey has been consumed by unrelated drama, and Weber let it happen. While the label “bad” Bachelor might sound harsh, it’s not totally uncalled for.

The other statistics are quite alarming, too. For example, 87 percent of viewers don’t think the teased ending will live up to expectations. (LOL.) While ABC has been dropping hints about the finale, past seasons haven’t been as “dramatic” as promised. And it appears they expect this year to be no different.

When it comes to phrases that “bug” fans the most, viewers can’t stand when contestants say, “[NAME] isn’t here for the right reasons.” “Can I steal you for a second?” was a close second. As for the Bachelor/Bachelorette, the most annoying catchphrase is, “I definitely see my wife/husband in this room,” followed by “[CITY] is the most romantic city on earth.”

Fair enough, fans. After 24 seasons, you’d think they’d have come up with a few new catchphrases.

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