Exclusive: Laura Prepon Reveals What’s in Store for Alex in the Final Season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

It’s the end of an era for Orange Is the New Black. But before we say goodbye to the former ladies of Litchfield, we still have one more emotional season to go. When we sat down exclusively with Laura Prepon, who plays Alex in the hit Netflix series, we were sure to ask about a major plot point that stuck out to us in the season seven trailer.

As you’ll remember, the OITNB season seven trailer hinted at Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex experiencing marital difficulties now that Piper is out of prison. Prepon confirmed this will be something the final season explores in a major way.

“That’s a main story line this year, the fact that it’s not easy when you’re married and one of them is incarcerated and the other one is out in the world,” Prepon explained.  

So what does that mean for Alex? The 39-year-old new mom explained, “The prison system is just as corrupt as it’s always been, if not more. Alex is a survivor and she’s trying to figure out how to survive without falling back into bad habits and it proves to be harder and harder—just like last season…[She’s] trying to negotiate how to get through this corrupt system without having to do what she’s good at.”

Prepon is referring to Alex’s knack for running drugs. And since that’s exactly what landed her in prison in the first place, our fingers are crossed that she’ll keep her hands clean.

Although Prepon wasn’t able to go too much further into detail about what’s in store for her character, she does think fans will be satisfied with how her story line plays out.

“It’s a lot of pressure because you want the fans to be happy, you want them to feel fulfilled, but I really think that we did a great job this season and I personally really liked the way that Alex’s story line ends,” Prepon shared. “I think it’s the right way to end it. I hope the fans will be happy. I was happy when I read it.”

The final season of Orange Is the New Black hits Netflix on Friday, August 9. We’ll have to wait to see exactly what transpires between Alex and Piper then.

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