Watch Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Attempt to Spoof ‘Planet Earth’ (and Fail Miserably)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner looked like they had a pretty fun weekend in Mammoth Lakes, California, at least according to Instagram.

The 29-year-old singer posted a video of his fiancee playing around in the snow during their weekend getaway (winter has definitely come). But we have to say we weren’t expecting this.

The video, which was intended to be a spoof of the nature documentary series Planet Earth, reveals the snow-covered ground, a Coors Light can, a red hat and of course, Turner herself. We see the Game of Thrones actress pretending to be what Jonas calls a “wild Yeti.”

“We’re here in the wild,” Jonas says in the video voiceover. “As you can tell, it’s a wild Coors light, a wild beanie, but craziest of all: a wild Yeti.” We’re getting some serious David Attenborough vibes.

However, the video doesn’t seem to go exactly as planned. As the camera pans to Turner, she clearly intends to jump in the snow. But instead, she trips, falls and disappears into the white (to her fiance’s delight). It’s OK, Soph—what’s a relationship without a little bit of laughter?

And is that Nick and Priyanka laughing in the background? Asking for a friend.