Luke Bryan Gives Boots Off of His Feet to ‘American Idol’ Contestant with Holes in His Shoes

American Idol (mainly Luke Bryan) has done it again. And by it we mean reach for the tissues because Sunday night’s episode was a tearjerker to say the least.

It all started when 19-year-old country contestant Colby Swift performed for the three judges. Bryan quickly noticed that the Texas native had holes in both of his cowboy boots. When elimination time came around, Bryan called Swift out.

“Colby, can you show the camera the bottom of your shoes there?” Bryan said, before questioning Swift about his shoe size. “Wouldn’t be a 12D, would it?”

“I mean, whatever fits,” said Swift.

Next thing you know, the 42-year-old country artist is taking the boots off of his own feet, walking over to the stage and handing them to Swift. Yup, we’re serious. Then (a very shoeless) Bryan scurried back to his seat to announce that Swift, along with his whole line, was moving onto the next round.

Unfortunately, later during the group round, Swift was eliminated. But hey, he didn’t go home empty-handed (footed?).

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