Lionel Richie Loses It During Blind Contestant’s ‘American Idol’ Audition

We can’t help but feel emotional when American Idol contestants share their stories, but this brand-new audition brought even Lionel Richie to tears.

During Wednesday night’s episode of the popular singing competition, the judges—Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan—met an inspiring high school student, Shayy, who recently became legally blind. And her audition speaks for itself.

In the video, Shayy explains her condition to the judges. It all started one year ago when she realized she couldn’t see the white board in school as clearly as she used to. So, she told her mom, who took her to see several doctors.

As it turns out, Shayy had a brain tumor and needed emergency surgery, which ended up taking her sight. However, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing a dream of becoming a professional singer.

For her audition, Shayy sings a cover of Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” and it turns Richie into a blubbering mess.

After her performance, he gives her a big hug and says, “You have wrecked me. Thank you for that…you’re a lesson to us all, OK? Because it’s the power of the spirit, and you’re the reminder of just how blessed we are.”

Damn, is someone cutting onions?