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You selflessly spent all of December buying things for everyone else. Now it’s time to splurge a bit on you. And good news: There are a ton of big-ticket items that all get marked down the first week of January. Here, ten to add to your shopping list stat.

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january sales fitness

Fitness Equipment

Treadmills, workout DVDs, gym memberships—if it’s related to weight loss, it will be on sale this month. Why? January is when shoppers tend to feel the most post-holiday guilt about their waistline. Gyms, for example, capitalize on this. But keep in mind: They also have membership quotas to hit. This means you’ve got the upper hand when it comes to negotiating an even better deal. Game on.

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january sales rug

Rugs and Carpeting

Typically, consumers prioritize home improvements before the holidays, when they’re more likely to be hosting and entertaining a slew of family and friends. Post-Christmas, that focus shifts. At the same time, stores need to move inventory. Cue the savings.

january sales bicycle


Cold temps—and, ahem, snow—make January the time people are least likely to be thinking about buying a bike. That, coupled with the fact that new models hit shelves in February, means January is the best time of year to upgrade your wheels.

january sales couch


Expect sofa markdowns to the tune of 40 to 60 percent. Here’s why: New furniture arrives in February, so major retailers are all about clearing space. FYI, you may have to check the clearance section to find the most major deals, but in a lot of cases, discounts apply storewide.

january sales jeweley


All hail the pre-Valentine’s Day sales. January is when retailers start to promote the marketing ploy holiday with discounts on everything from engagement rings to bracelet charms.

january sales bedding

Duvet Covers

Fun fact: In 1878, the owner of Wanamaker’s—the first department store in Philadelphia—conceived of something called the “White Sale,” aka a January sale that got shoppers in the door during what’s typically a slower month. The items marked down? All bed and bath linens. (In some cases, as much as 50 percent off.)

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january sales planner


It’s silly, but the minute January 1 arrives, all 2017 wall calendars and planners are deemed out-of-date. And get this: You can probably score one as much as 75 percent off.

january sales coats

Winter Coats

In the new year, all eyes are on spring. This means that cold weather gear starts to come way down in price in order to clear space. Coats are the worst offenders since they’re so bulky. Retailers are all about making room.

january sales cards

Christmas Cards

It may feel crazy to buy holiday cards after Christmas has come and gone, but at 50 percent off, it may be worth it—especially if you can remember where you put them next December.

january sales ornaments
Almaje/Getty Images

Christmas Decor

Ditto Christmas cards. In your mind, you’re more than happy to pack up the holidays and move on. But holiday decor gets heavily discounted—sometimes as much as 60 percent off—so a little foresight can mean major savings. (Half-priced Christmas lights and Mickey lawn inflatables are the best.)

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