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'Tis the season for weeding through your closets and cabinets, which means you’ve officially got extra room for some new spring goodies. Here, seven on-sale things to treat yourself to this month.

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paint color things that go on sale april

Paint Colors

April is full of spring-cleaning vibes, but it’s also the time of year that people tend to take on home improvements and DIY projects. As a result, you can expect to see significant markdowns on supplies like paint, pressure washers and wood. In fact, Home Depot even has something called “Spring Black Friday” to help you stock up on spring-related items for as much as 35 percent off.

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sneakers things on sale april


Runners, rejoice. Perfectly timed to take your workout routine back outdoors, stores are offering savings on new pairs of running shoes. It’s mainly tied to the weather—and the fact that brands know that now’s the time of year that people are gearing up to do a 10K. (Savings amounts vary, but keep your eyes peeled for deals.)

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trench coat things on sale in april
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Spring Jackets

Yep, it’s only April, but stores are already making way for summer merch. As a result, this month you’ll start to see cute spring trenches and lightweight coats make their way over to the sale rack.

copper pans things on sale in april

Pots and Pans

Mother’s Day (and wedding season) is coming. Retailers are onto the fact that you’re in the market for these types of items and offer special promotions to help soften the gift-giving blow. Don’t be surprised if you see savings as high as 40 percent.

produce things on sale april

Spring Produce

Cue the farmers’ market runs. With tons of fruits and veggies—everything from strawberries to rhubarb—finally coming into season again, you’ll see produce prices start to drop. The dollar amount (usually $1 to $2 less per pint or bunch) may seem insignificant, but it will add up week over week.

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driving things on sale april

Car Tune-Ups

Road trip season is upon us, which is why the car industry has dubbed April National Car Care Month. This means auto repair shops typically offer savings on minor fix-ups like oil changes or new tires. You may even find free vehicle inspections. Score.

travel things on sale in april

Off-Season Travel

On the edge of winter and right before the rush of summer, April is considered an off-season month for travel. It also usually offers pretty decent weather. (Seriously, you’ll find sunshine and 70-degree temps in places like Charleston or Paris this time of year.) Book a cheaper-than-average round-trip flight and get away.

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