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Your Black Friday routine goes something like this: coffee, long lines, empty wallet, repeat. But you can actually snag even better deals all month long if you shop strategically—aka stay mindful of the seasonal (and non-seasonal) items on sale. Here, six things to keep your eye on this month.

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halloween on sale

Halloween Costumes and Decorations

It’s barely a day past October 31, but the inflatable ghosts for your front lawn and Elsa ensemble your kid begs for every year are now significantly marked down—sometimes for as much as 60 percent off. The reason is simple: The holiday is over, so as long as you can remember where you stash the spooky decor you snag for half price, it’s the best way to plan ahead—and save—for next year.

cars on sale


If you’re open to buying last year’s model, now’s the best time of year to start shopping around until you find the right price. 2018 vehicles were introduced over the summer, putting the pressure on dealerships to make room for them in car lots by year’s end. That means you have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating a great deal. Time to prime that poker face.

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baking supplies on sale

Baking Supplies

Not only do items like flour, confectioners’ sugar and chocolate chips have a long shelf life, but you’ll also find them in grocery stores with significant markdowns this time of year. It all has to do with Thanksgiving—supermarkets know these ingredients are in demand for pie crusts, cookies and more. As a result, it’s the perfect time to cash in on two-for-one specials or ten for $1 deals. (Just scan the baking supply shelves or check your grocer’s promotional mailer before you shop.)

kitchenaid on sale
Dmitry_Evs/Getty Images

Kitchen Appliances

It goes hand-in-hand with baking supplies. ’Tis the season for prepping food, after all. This means you may be able to score pretty significant savings (25 percent off or more) on items ranging from baking sheets to that KitchenAid mixer you’ve been coveting for your countertop all year. Your best bet is to keep your eye on department store websites like Macy’s or Bed, Bath and Beyond for deals.

sweaters on sale
JaysonPhotography/Getty Images

Cashmere Sweaters

It seems counterintuitive to find savings on clothing that’s actually in-season right now, but retailers tend to stock these items in bulk, which means they’ve got quite a bit of merchandise to clear before yet another seasonal switch begins. That’s not to say you’ll find the best sweater savings in November (you’ll have to wait for January for that), but you’ll likely see “buy one, get the second 50 percent off” or $25 off deals this month leadingup to Black Friday. So if you’re feeling a chill, stock up.

tvs on sale
franckreporter/Getty Images


Sure, this is one scenario where the Black Friday early bird gets the best deals, but it’s not uncommon to see TVs discounted by as much as $400 this month. The main reason is that retailers are trying to clear the way for next year’s models—and move merch at a time of year when people tend to congregate more indoors. And don’t forget to take advantage of offers from major retailers—like Best Buy—to price match. (Always, always comparison shop.)

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