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June marks the official start of summer. Between vacations and graduations and weddings galore, there’s plenty to celebrate this month. It’s also a good time to shop, which is great considering we need to get gifts for all of those aforementioned parties. We consulted the pros at Nerd Wallet to see what we should buy--and what we should hold off on--this month to get the most savings.

swimwear list

What to buy

1. Swimwear and lingerie: Even though it’s the beginning of the season, the sales are already starting, including the biggest of them all--the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Since the retailer is phasing out its swimwear collection after this year, expect even bigger discounts.

2. Gym memberships: Between the people who have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and the ones who prefer to take their workouts outdoors in the summer, gyms typically clear out this time of year. Use this as leverage to negotiate the price of a new monthly membership.

3. Movie tickets: Lots of theaters like Regal Cinemas host specials, in which they play family movies (think Despicable Me and The Lorax) every Tuesday and Wednesday for $1 through the beginning of August.

4. Dishes and cookware: Wedding season is officially upon us, and on every gift registry, you're bound to find sets of dishes and kitchen appliances (like that expensive stand mixer). Check stores like Sears and Home Depot, who typically offer up to 40 percent off during this time.

airfare list1

What to skip

1. Airplane tickets: You don’t need us to tell you that prices on airfare are astronomical at the start of summer. But know that they’ll start to drop in August and get even lower by September, so if you can wait to take an early fall trip, you’ll save some cash.

2. Grills and patio furniture: It’s barbecue season--and higher demand equals higher prices. Crash a friend’s patio until you can properly invest later in the season.

3. Brand name clothing: Fancy taste in clothes and shoes? Hold off one month for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which happens every July. In general, July is the best time to find clothing sales of all kinds as stores prepare for fall merchandise.

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