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Courtesy of West Elm

If there’s one thing in this life that we know for certain, it’s that the L-shaped wing of a sectional sofa is the best damn seat in the house. Now, what if we told you that the latest craze in couches is an opulent setup featuring not one but two of these roomy, built-in ottomans?

Ladies, say hello to the U-shaped sofa. Ideal for dual lounging, dual napping and, yes, dual binge watching, we can only assume its recent popularity is in fact a natural reaction to the Age of Netflix.

And the cred doesn’t stop at just cozy. Where an L-shaped sectional seemingly tempers a room’s formality, there’s something about the pleasing symmetry and general extravagance of a U-shaped sofa that actually makes a space feel more refined and ready for entertaining—while still House of Cards-optimized.

Basically, if your square footage can stomach one, it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to your marriage living room.

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