The Softest Bath Towels of 2023, Vetted by Our Editors

Starting at $39 for a set of two

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll do just about anything to make your bathroom feel like a five-star hotel. Once you’ve nailed down the design (hello, zellige tiles and rainfall showerheads), there’s only one thing left to upgrade: ultra-soft towels. By “soft” we mean so smooth on the skin, it almost feels like a throw blanket. And aside from a thick, fluffy feel, you also want to make sure you’re selecting a bath towel that can 1. do its job (dry you) and 2. last over time (hold up in the wash). So below, we’ve outlined the ten absolute softest towels money can buy, plus expert advice at the bottom on how to choose one.

The 10 Softest Towels at a Glance


Best Overall

Quince Turkish Spa Towels

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Editor’s Pick

Havly Bath Towel

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Best Oversized

Cozy Earth Ribbed Terry Bath Sheets

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Most Absorbent

Parachute Soft Rib Towel

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Best Budget

Italic Serene Ultraplush Towels

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Meet the Expert

Rhiannon Johns: London-based interior designer and head of brands at Piglet in Bed, which is known for its natural bed and bath items.

How We Chose the Softest Towels

The softest towels on the market are typically made from all-cotton materials with a hefty weight that makes them fluffy. So, after pouring over hundreds of customer reviews—and testing (more than a few options) ourselves—our editors made sure each towel met the following criteria:

  1. Composed of at least 50 percent cotton
  2. Has a GSM of 400 or more
  3. Doesn’t exceed $70 for a single towel

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Best Overall

1. Quince Turkish Spa Towels

What We Like

  • under $50 for a set of two
  • 700 GSM is hefty without being too thick
  • warm and soft on the skin

What We Don't Like

  • prone to losing fluff in the wash over time
  • one reviewer reported shedding


Why we’re putting this Quince set at the top of our list? Well for one, it’s just under $50, and you get two Turkish cotton bath towels that are unlike anything else on the market (at least at this price point). Per the brand, they’re the plushiest of the lineup with a 700 GSM thickness—and thanks to the long-staple Turkish cotton, they’re also uber-absorbent. Just take it from the set’s 4.9-star rating with more than 200 reviews: “These are the softest towels I've ever touched. I feel like I'm at a 5-star resort, except their towels wouldn't be this good. Also absorbent! Takes longer than the average towel to dry but these are the thickest, plushest towels ever, so that’s to be expected,” one reviewer writes. The best part? They’re available in five colors, including ivory, silver, grey, mineral and, of course, classic white.

Assistant commerce editor, Natalie LaBarbera also raves, “Before getting these towels, I always just picked up a cheap set at the store…after feeling just how fluffy and soft these ones are I'm never going back. They feel thick and warm and stand out because they're super absorbent—they just feel high-quality (not like the super thin ones I had been using before).” She also adds: “I've been using them for a few months, I do wash my towels on hot (the brand recommends cools so that may make a difference), and I'd say they've lost a tiny bit of fluffiness, but overall, they're still in great condition.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: long-staple Turkish cotton
  • Colors: 5
  • Dimensions: 27" x 54"
  • Care Instructions: machine wash on cold with similar colors and dry on a low heat setting. Once a month, add a cup of vinegar to the wash to remove soapy build-up and restore softness.

Editor’s Pick

2. Havly Bath Towel

What We Like

  • ultra-plush yet breathable
  • pill- and shed-resistant 
  • bleach-proof hanging loop is sturdy over time

What We Don't Like

  • expensive
  • color is only customizable on hanging loop


When Havly—an innovative brand that promised its towels could withstand up to 1,000 washes—reached out to me, I knew I had to try them. My verdict after using the towel for about a year? Godsend. First and foremost, the brand uses a one-of-a-kind “Wünderweave” construction, which makes ⅓ of the towel quick-drying and ⅔ of it plush and spa-worthy soft. And when I say soft, I mean I’m actually looking forward to showering—even washing my hair—after a long day. The towel is soft, smooth on the skin and thick enough to really wrap yourself in bliss. Plus, they’re surprisingly breathable. Over the summer, it would be 5 p.m. happy hour, and you could catch me lounging in the backyard, cocooned by this towel’s plushness with a glass of rosé—sans makeup running down my face from excessive sweating.

Still, what I love most about this brand is how each towel features a colorful (bleach-proof) hanging loop that lets my roommate know which is mine. Not to mention that the towel gets softer with each and every wash, and I have yet to see any pilling, fading or shedding when this guy comes out of the dryer.

Fast Facts

  • Material: Aegean cotton
  • Colors: 1 (different colored hanging loops available)
  • Dimensions: 58"L x 30"W
  • Care Instructions: wash with other white towels in hot water with detergent and dry on a low setting (when you take your towels out of the washing machine and before you put them in the dryer, give them a good shake. The shaking will fluff the fabrics of your towel which will help maintain their softness and absorbency.)

Best Oversized

3. Cozy Earth Ribbed Terry Bath Sheets

What We Like

  • so soft, it almost feels like a blanket
  • oversized
  • 800 GSM
  • comes in a pack of two 

What We Don't Like

  • expensive for a set of two 
  • might be too long for anyone who’s petite

Cozy Earth

Another ribbed option we’re loving? This one from Cozy Earth (aka Oprah’s go-to brand). First and foremost, the brand uses a unique blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent bamboo viscose—plus an impressive 800 GSM—so the towels are unlike anything else on this list. The texture is silky yet substantial while the ribbed design gets bonus points for absorbency. And on top of that, the weave is enhanced for longevity and won't pill in the wash (just be sure to give it a wash with color-safe detergent and on warm with similar colors to maintain maximum absorbency).

That said, according to Commerce Director Nicole Briese, there’s one thing that makes this guy stand out from the crowd: its whopping 40- by 65-inch size. “This thing puts my typical Target towels to shame. It feels so, so luxurious to wrap up in after a shower—so much so that I will go out of my way to wash one of the two I have rather than using a different clean one in the closet. They're also nice and oversized, so they fully wrap your bod (of any size or shape!). They do get slightly rougher over time, but not so much that I don't still obsess over them,” she says.

Fast Facts

  • Material: cotton and bamboo
  • Colors: 3
  • Dimensions: 40” x 65”
  • Care Instructions: wash before first use. Use color-safe detergent and machine wash warm with similar colors. For maximum absorbency, avoid excessive use of fabric conditioners.

Most Absorbent

4. Parachute Soft Rib Towel

What We Like

  • spinsoft technology makes it extra plush
  • ribbed design helps absorb liquid
  • good for sensitive skin

What We Don't Like

  • expensive for a single towel
  • prone to bleaching from benzoyl peroxide stains


Crafted from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton, this towel is built to be lightweight and super absorbent with a weight of 450 GSM. The unique sculpted ribbing ensures it’ll slurp up every iota of water, thanks to the dips in its design and the ‘Spinsoft’ technology gives it an extra dose of fluffiness. Plus, it’s OEKO-TEX standard certification—and the fact that it’s free from synthetic dyes—makes it safe for sensitive skin and those who suffer from allergies. That said, per the brand, the towels might be more prone to discoloration when exposed to certain harsh chemicals (thanks to its eco-friendly construction). If your skincare regimen includes ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, Parachute recommends sticking with the white finish (though it’s also available in bone, light grey, dark grey, ochre, clay and moss).

According to Assistant Sales and Deals Editor, Destinee Scott, “There are two things that I love about this towel. For starters, it's very absorbent. I can dry my body *and* my hair and I still won't have to hang it up or anything because it never gets too damp. (I'm someone who leaves their towel on the bed when I'm in a rush, and in the past, that's been a disaster… I no longer have that problem). Secondly, I really like the size. It's not too big or small (I'm short and it falls to my ankles). So it covers what it needs to cover and I can wrap it like I want and it doesn't fall.” She also mentions: “I've been using mine for almost a year now, and they feel just as soft as when I first got them. And the ribbed texture doesn't pile up after laundry day.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: long-staple Turkish cotton
  • Colors: 7
  • Dimensions: 56” x 30”
  • Care Instructions: for the first wash, add half a cup of white vinegar to the wash water, along with about half the recommended amount of laundry detergent. The vinegar will help set the colors and remove any residue on the towels. Dry them thoroughly on a low heat setting, using wool dryer balls to help keep the fabric soft and to reduce drying time.

Best Budget

5. Italic Serene Ultraplush Towels

What We Like

  • comes in sets of 2 or 6
  • softness, absorbency and weight is unprecedented for the price 
  • hang dries in 90 minutes

What We Don't Like

  • might be less durable than more expensive options over time
  • prone to snagging in the wash


Perhaps you’ve noticed this brand is getting lots of hype recently. If you haven’t, you should know that Italic “uses the same manufacturers behind top luxury brands, conducting frequent audits to maintain a rigorous standard of quality,” per the website. So, it should come as no surprise that people are raving over bath towels—available in a set of two ($39) or six ($72)—from the same manufacturer as Calvin Klein and Chanel. It uses a 100 percent Australian cotton weave with a dense 800 GSM weight, so it has the dense, fluffy feel you’re looking for. Then, it has a woven loop construction that maximizes softness and absorbency—and it can dry in just 90 minutes (according to one reviewer).

One happy customer writes: “The first thing you notice is their softness. It’s not just soft, it’s luxurious, akin to the feeling of high-end brands like Frette. But unlike Frette, these towels don’t come with a hefty price tag. They’re heavy, giving them a substantial feel that speaks volumes about their quality. These towels are comfortable beyond belief. Despite their thickness and high absorbency, these towels have an impressive drying time. They don’t stay damp for long, which is a huge plus. I ordered a new set.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: Australian cotton
  • Colors: 4
  • Dimensions: 30” x 54”
  • Care Instructions: machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.

Best Super-Plush

6. Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels

What We Like

  • comes in a set of 2
  • thicker and fluffier than standard towels
  • extremely absorbent
  • several colors and patterns

What We Don't Like

  • takes a while to hang dry
  • colors retain benzoyl peroxide stains, even after washing with stain-remover


OK people, if you’re looking for the fluffiest, thickest towel money can buy, you can’t go wrong with Brooklinen's super-plush. It’s my go-to when I need a self-care Sunday—especially when I’m craving a calming spa atmosphere, thanks to its enveloping long-staple Turkish cotton. The set of two are ultra-thick with an 820 GSM weight and the surface is like heaven on the skin. Plus, while they’re not exactly quick-drying, a side-effect of its ultra-hefty weight, they’re absorbent—I’ve found that this thing slurps up moisture like a kitchen sponge. (You know that Bounty commercial where liquid messes are clear with one swipe? That’s how this thing works.) Bonus: it comes in 12 trendy colors and patterns, including white, smoke, graphite, eucalyptus, ocean, vanilla, marled black, wild moss, starflower, striped begonia, midnight navy and striped midnight navy.

My only warning? Be careful if you opt for one of the colors (I have graphite) and tend to wash your face with chemicals like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It immediately stains the color and has proven impossible to get out with stain-fighting detergent.

Fast Facts

  • Material: long-staple Turkish cotton
  • Colors: 12
  • Dimensions: 30” x 58”
  • Care Instructions: machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.

Best Quick-Drying

7. Matouk Milagro Bath Towel

What We Like

  • 550 GSM
  • absorbent yet quick-drying 
  • larger than most bath towels 
  • smooth on the skin

What We Don't Like

  • bath towels sold separately 
  • not as thick/fluffy as other options on the list


If there’s one luxury brand you’re almost guaranteed to find in the bathroom of a five-star hotel, it’s Matouk. And as someone who’s had the pleasure of testing the Milagro out myself, I can confirm that this towel is worth every penny. It’s basically the best of all worlds: lightweight, soft on the skin, absorbent and quick drying. This is thanks to 550 GSM weave, coupled with the zero twist long-staple cotton. While the materials work overtime to offer a fluffy feel, the weight makes it feel less heavy without sacrificing a substantial amount of absorbency. I also loved how the bath sheet measured a whopping 40 by 70 inches, so I felt like I was cushioned in a cloud without being swallowed by too much material.

It’s also worth including another reviewer’s rave over this one’s absorbency: “My wife and I were looking for high-quality towels that would dry more quickly than the [the ones we had] for over 20 years. These towels appeared to meet that requirement, as they were lighter weight, which makes them [dry] significantly faster than our previous towels. In addition, they are incredibly soft, even with no softener used in the wash cycle. They are very absorbent and extremely comfortable to use. I look forward to seeing their long-term durability and colorfastness when compared to our previous towels, which are still going strong.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: long-staple zero-twist cotton
  • Colors: 22
  • Dimensions: 30” x 60”
  • Care Instructions: machine wash warm on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low heat.
softest bath towel 8

Best on Amazon

8. Chakir Turkish Linens Towel Set

What We Like

  • 6-piece set includes bath towels, hand towels and washcloths
  • affordable for silky feel
  • wicks away moisture well

What We Don't Like

  • doesn’t hold up as well in the wash as more expensive options 
  • prone to hardening over time


With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with more than 38,400 reviews, we had to see why people were obsessing over this Amazon set. After some digging, we saw that it not only included six towels for just $31(!!), but it was also spun from 100 percent Turkish cotton with a 700 GSM. Meaning, they provide all the plushness you’re looking for while still being as absorbent as a mop. Plus, reviewers say they’ve been proven to retain their softness over time. “High absorbency, soft and color holds up to repeated washing at our Airbnb. We use them at home as well and have guests mention how luxurious they are,” one person reports.

Plus, another reviewer says, “I am absolutely thrilled with the luxurious feel, exceptional quality, and overall performance of these towels. This set has provided unmatched softness, absorbency, and durability. [The fabric] is plush and substantial, giving them a luxurious feel against the skin…They quickly and efficiently wick away moisture, leaving the skin feeling dry and refreshed. The high-quality Turkish cotton fibers have excellent absorbent properties, ensuring that these towels can handle even the most demanding drying tasks. [Furthermore], the size of these towels is generous. They are large enough to comfortably wrap around the body, providing full coverage and coziness…They maintain their softness, color, and shape even after multiple cycles in the washing machine. The edges are well-stitched and reinforced, preventing fraying and ensuring long-lasting performance. [A] true investment in quality and durability.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: Turkish cotton
  • Colors: 12
  • Dimensions: bath towels (27" x 54"), hand towels (16" x 30"), washcloths (13" x 13")
  • Care Instructions: wash in cold water before your first use to help the cotton fibers open up. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Avoid using high heat.

Best Organic

9. Boll and Branch Plush Bath Towel Set

What We Like

  • GOTS-certified
  • includes bath towels, hand towels and washcloths 
  • potato starch is used as a natural strengthener 

What We Don't Like

  • give off a lot of lint when they arrive 
  • needs washing before first use

Boll and Branch

If you’re someone who suffers from sensitive skin (or pesky allergies), Boll and Branch’s eco-friendly towels combine natural materials with a hotel-quality feel. The fibers are spun from 100 percent, GOTS-certified organic cotton, which ensures they’re free from harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins, like formaldehyde. They also use potato starch as a natural strengthener to replace the application of acrylic plastics during spinning—this protects the integrity of every organic cotton fiber, according to the brand. And of course, they have that ultra-cushy feel with a 700 GSM weight.

Per one happy reviewer, “I was impressed by the plush texture [of these towels] as soon as I opened the box. They've even gotten softer after washing! Originally, I was going to go for a nice white, but this Eucalyptus green color was too good to pass up. They add a nice, welcoming calm to your shower routine. The hanging hook label sewn on is a nice touch that makes drying easier. After using and washing these towels for almost two months, I'm still very satisfied with my purchase. These towels really feel like they will stand the test of time. There has been no fraying, pilling, discoloration or damage from washing.” Another person adds: “They feel like luxury spa towels. The towels are very generous in size. I also love the fact they contain no harsh chemicals or pesticides… is very important to me.”

Fast Facts

  • Material: organic cotton
  • Colors: 6
  • Dimensions: 30” x 58”
  • Care Instructions: wash in cold water with like colors. Use liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners. Tumble dry on low or medium heat.

Best Monogrammable

10. Weezie Signature Bath Towel

What We Like

  • feels like butter on the skin
  • customizable with a monogram 
  • piped edge with numerous color combinations

What We Don't Like

  • costs extra to customize 
  • expensive and sold as a single towel
  • not benzoyl-peroxide-resistant


Finally, a piped-edge bath towel that you can personalize with endless options. Before we get into the fun stuff, it’s worth mentioning that this guy has a 4.9 star rating with more than 380 reviews for being insanely soft, thanks to its long-staple cotton and 650 GSM. But what really makes this one stand out is the fact that you can customize it with 14 different colors options and the choice to add a monogram with initials, words or numbers in a slew of font and color combinations.

Just take it from one happy Weezie fan, who writes: “These towels are incredibly soft and absorbent for their weight. Luxurious feel without the 'heft' of some luxury brands. Trim is also an amazing feature. Well-stitched and strong without being a hard edge, like other towels we've had. And [it has] a fun hidden loop for towel hook on our wall. Will definitely be buying more of these for the rest of the household.” Another person also adds: “So soft and the monograms are so beautiful…the quality of the material and the beautiful monograms stand out so [much], makes the price worth it. Quick shipping was an added bonus!”

Fast Facts

  • Material: long-staple cotton
  • Colors: 14+
  • Dimensions: 29” x 58”
  • Care Instructions: machine wash cold with like items and colors. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Avoid fabric softeners and high heat.

What to Consider When Shopping for Soft Bath Towels

  • Materials: “Opt for cotton terry towels made from high-quality materials such as zero-twist cotton, which gives you the best start for long-term freshness and softness,” Johns says. “‘Zero Twist’ means that the yarn didn’t have to be twisted in the production process, which is only possible with high-quality cotton fibers, making your towels feel luxurious.”
  • Fiber Content: “One of the most important things to look for is the fiber content. Opt for natural fibers that haven't been mixed with other synthetic blends that could hinder its absorbency like 100 percent cotton, offering the perfect balance of quality and durability. Another thing to look out for is if the towel is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified. The Standard 100 is the most well-known and trusted certification for product safety. Products carrying that certification mean that they are free from high levels of over 100 known harmful chemicals and substances and It guarantees that the textiles you put near your skin are safe.”
  • Size: “Bath towels come in a variety of sizes depending on the type of towel you require, with a bath sheet typically being the biggest of the towel family. If you are looking for a washcloth, standard sizes typically start from around 13 by 13 inches, followed by a hand towel measuring around 19 by 35 inches, a standard bath towel at 27 by 51 inches and a bath sheet measuring from [60 inches] and up.”
  • Thickness & Absorbency: “‘GSM’ stands for the number of cotton grams per square meter. The higher the GSM, the softer and more absorbent the towel will be. When purchasing your towel, look for a GSM of 500 or above. Owing its thickness, it will provide you with far more durability than towels with lower GSM as these are typically less plush and wear far quicker over time.”

What Is the Softest Type Of Bath Towel?

As Johns mentioned above, you want to look for 100 percent cotton towels, with an emphasis on keywords like “Turkish cotton” and “long-staple cotton” (which is the highest quality you can find for bath towels). She also warns: “Avoid decorative trimmings like crochet or frayed edges, which will show signs of wear and tear faster than the rest of the towel.”

How Do You Keep Bath Towels Soft After Washing?

“Make sure you shake any excess water from your towels before placing them in the dryer, as this will help fluff the material and keep them absorbent. Avoid leaving wet towels to sit in the washer for a long period of time, as this can result in an unpleasant musty smell.” She also adds, “Your towels will last longer if you dry them on low heat, as high heat will damage the cotton fibers. Dry on a 40-degree heat, which will help achieve your desired softness, eliminating bacteria in the process. In the summer months, take advantage of the sun to let your towels air dry—the ultimate all-natural dryer that helps maintain the integrity of the fabric, and keeps your towels soft and fresh.”

Why Do My Bath Towels Feel Hard?

Why do towels tend to harden over time? Mainly, because of residue from detergents, softeners and oils that build up within the fibers. “Avoid using harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, as it could affect the quality and color of your towels. Adding fabric softener coats the fibers with residue, which can hinder water absorption. Instead, use wool dryer balls to help fluff fibers and speed up drying time,” she explains. She also adds: “Nearly all new towels are coated with softeners that are often used during the finishing process, which provides that extra-fluffy look that you see at the store. This coating can restrict the absorbency of your towels, so it’s best practice to wash them before your first use.”

The Towel-Wrapping Hack We Learned on TikTok

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