Nordstrom’s Home Collection Is Filled with the Most Random & Useful Products You Didn't Know You Need in Your Life (or Kitchen)

Welp, we’ve just been browsing our favorite department store’s site, and we can’t stop adding to cart. (We’re calling it “Nordstrom and chill.”) It turns out the site is a treasure trove of “how did I live without this?!” gadgets, from a $15 tool to make meals more nutritious to a dog bed that is a dupe for an upscale ottoman. Here are the things we can’t stop raving about, and—fair warning—once you see them, you’ll realize you need at least one of these 15 items immediately.

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nordstrom random but useful finds wine

1. ullo Wine Purifier

Wine contains sulfites—artificial preservatives added when the wine is made. Once your bottle is opened, though, you don’t need these bitter-tasting elements in your wine. (There’s also a hotly debated belief in wine circles that sulfites cause headaches.) This wine purifier helps with that, since it’s a proprietary polymer filter that you pour your wine through, filtering out the sulfites while letting the other flavor-enhancing parts of your wine make it into the glass.

nordstrom random but useful finds wine markers

2. goodee X Graf Lantz Wine-o Wine Glass Markers

Genius—these felt circles fit around your wine glass stem, so no one else filches your glass mistakes your drink for theirs.

nordstrom random but useful finds cup

3. ohom Kopi Mug & Warmer Set

The base serves as a mini induction plate, keeping your cup warm, and when you’re not using it to heat a beverage, it doubles as a wireless cellphone charger.

nordstrom random but useful finds charger

4. native Union Iphone 8+ Dock Charger

Terrazzo is a mood in interiors today, and this Deco-darling stand looks as good charging your phone as it does empty.

nordstrom random but useful finds mixer

5. smeg ‘50s Retro Styled Hand Blender With Accessories

This is as cute as a hipster vibrator, but it features more ways to make you happy: It mashes potatoes, chops veggies, has a stainless-steel whisk attachment and comes with a measuring/storage beaker.

nordstrom random but useful finds cooler

6. vinglace Wine Chiller

Think of this stainless-steel case as our own Iron Man (if our bottle of wine was, you know, Tony Stark). Just screw the vacuum-insulated chiller over your wine bottle, and your vino stays perfectly chilled for hours.

nordstrom random but useful finds santizer

7. lexon Oblio Wireless Charger & Uv Cleaner

Pop your phone inside, and in 20 minutes, UV light will zap away 99 percent of screen germs—and your phone’s charged.

nordtrom random but useful finds pickling

8. lekue Pickling Kit

You know those house-made little pickled veggies that make bistro sandwiches and cheffy plating so delicious and fancy? Now you can masterfully whip up your own batches at home, without worrying about assembling a whole range of expensive equipment. These two glass jars come with valve lids, a pair of pressing discs and a pair of tongs. Together, you can keep your pickled whatevers safely submerged until they’re ready, guaranteeing an anaerobic, perfect-pickling environment.

nordstrom random but useful finds citrus

9. lekue Citrus Juice Sprayer Set

A large and a small sprayer are ready to twist right into your citrus, keeping a tight seal so that you’re keeping vitamins in there and oxidations out of there. Then you can just use your fruit like a spray bottle (say, to sprinkle over your one-pan roasted salmon before serving). And between uses, your lemon just sits up on its own little tray in the fridge.

nordstrom random but useful finds lids

10. fivetwo By Food52 Pack Of 5 Assorted Airtight Silicone Lids

Not sure which is more appealing—(a) the muted colors of these lids, or (b) the way their silicone surface magically sucks onto pots and bowls to form an airtight seal. So, we’ll just go with (c) all of the above.

nordstrom random but useful finds grater

11. gonkgo Oros Grater

The novel scooped-out shape contains your ginger, garlic or other accent flavors so you can easily add them to dishes.

nordstrom random but useful finds pencils

12. printworks 12-piece Skin Tone Color Pencil Set

Your art is going to look way better with some lifelike contouring.

nordstrom random but useful finds pet bed

13. modernbeast Pet Sleep Pod

This giant ink polyester pet bed accommodates up to 30 pounds of Bowser or Rex, who will look so cute sleeping on it next to your desk all day.

nordstrom random but useful finds ricer

14. lekue Vegetable Ricer

Throw in some roughly chopped veggies, then turn both sides of the device a few times in opposing directions and voila! Your nutritious stir fry base is ready.

nordstrom random but useful finds splatter guard

15. frywall Medium Pan Splatter Guard

Not only is this silicone guard able to withstand heat up to 450 degrees (so it’s going to catch all those oil splatters from your spicy sauté), it also helps you keep, say, a tall pile of Swiss chard or spinach in the pan til it has a chance to fit down. How did we ever cook without this?

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