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Sure, you know how to perfectly fold 'em, but did you know there are tons of genius uses for old sheets. (Including ideas for use in places other than your bed.) Here, eight brilliant ideas you need to try stat.

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1. Use it as a sand-free beach blanket

Ugh, sand always gets everywhere at the beach. Place beach bags (or coolers) in the corners of a fitted sheet to create a mini-barrier to keep the grains out.

2. Or as a tablecloth at a picnic

Stretch the elastic edges over the table corners and, once you package up any leftovers, cleanup is as simple as shaking out the sheet.

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Good Dogs & Co

3. Protect your couch from wear and tear (and pets)

Just tuck it right in around the cushions, so it’s NBD if Fido constantly jumps up.

4. And refresh puppy bedding that's seen better days

Wrap it around the dog-sized mattress and ta-da: It’s like a brand-new sleeping pad.

5. Use it to keep the backseat of a car crumb-free

Cover the headrests all the way down to the seat corners to create a machine-washable buffer from all kinds of kid spills. (Ahem, juice boxes.)


6. And as a makeshift plant cover before a frost

The stretchy corners mean it won’t blow off your garden beds.

7. Lay it out as a drop cloth the next time you paint

Put the paint buckets in the corners and it will catch not just drips, but paint chips.


8. Use it to recover an ironing board that's seriously stained

All you need is a fitted sheet and a staple gun. Huzzah!

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