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It’s the details that elevate a home from meh to magazine-worthy, and we’ve got a few tips for how to get it there. Here are four ways to make your living room look more photogenic and leave guests wondering, “Where’d she get that?”

pier 1 coffee table styling
Rav Carlotti

Corral Your Coffee Table Decor in a Tray

If you’re anything like us, you’ll never be able get your hands on enough coffee table knick-knacks. But things can quickly end up looking cluttered. Here’s a little trick: Throw a tray into the mix. While it sounds counterintuitive to add yet another piece, the tray works to divvy up the surface space and section off your new autumn additions. When the decor is contained, it ends up looking intentional rather than random.

pier 1 flowers styling
Rav Carlotti

Arrange Flowers (Real or Faux) Like a Pro

Turns out, the industry secret to creating a luscious bouquet is the opposite of what you’ve always been told. Instead of snipping your chrysanthemums and pansies to the height of the vase, keep the stems long so the blooms spill out over the side. If, like most of us, you’re working with a pre-made grocery store bouquet or a few faux stems, another trick is to add a sprig of greenery. Zhoosh up the vase by tucking leafy stems around the sides and into the empty spots so they pour over the edges. Effortless is the vibe we’re going for here.

pier 1 leaning artwork styling
Rav Carlotti

Lean Your Artwork Against the Wall

“But I like to hang my art on the wall like a civilized person,” you say. To which we respond, leaning it is so. much. cooler. There’s just something effortless and nonchalant about propping up a piece of art rather than breaking out the level and making it a whole to-do. It works best with oversized pieces on a credenza or spot on the floor, but smaller pieces can be leaned on top of each other for a similar chic effect. Coordinate your decor around the corners of the artwork to finish off the look—oh, hello, hand-painted gourds.

pier 1 styling bookshelves
Rav Carlotti

Style Your Bookshelves

The key here? A nice mix of books, tchotchkes and plants. Start by staggering your precious tomes on each shelf and varying their orientation. Then fill in the empty spaces with items of varying heights to create dimension, like lanterns and bookends. Finally, a nice succulent placed on top of a beautiful book stack is everything when it comes to making your home a photographer’s dream.

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