Black pepper to keep colors bright. Lemon for sweat stains. A salad spinner for your bras. Yep, you’re pretty much a laundry pro. But what about the dryer? We can’t stand when our towels and sheets get wrapped around each other and everything comes out a damp, tangled clump of fabric. Here, an easy trick to ensure dry, air-fluffed perfection from the get-go (oh, and in about half the time). 

What you need: A couple of old tennis balls and your freshly washed items. (Avoid brand-new tennis balls since the dye can rub off onto the clothes. You can wash the old ones first to make sure they’re clean and fuzz-free.) 

What you do: Toss the tennis balls in with your wet comforter, sheets, winter coats, anything that needs a little air-fluffed love. Then turn your dryer on medium heat and let the magic happen. 

Why it works: Those bouncy little suckers allow the items to dry much faster by separating the wet items and preventing them from clumping into a damp, tangled mess.

Oh, and we almost forgot the final step: Proceed to rub face all over the clean, warm, fresh-out-of-the-dryer sheets. Your reward for being resourceful.

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