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Is that Christmas music we hear? *Shrieks with excitement* Ah, we love the holidays. And we love staying ahead of the game when it comes to buying all our presents. So here’s a handy timeline for the stuff you should add to your cart in October and the items you can score right before you need to place them under the tree.

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gift guide timeline summer stuff

Buy in october

Sure, they won’t be able to use their rad new unicorn float until next June, but early fall is a great time to score deals on summer stuff, whether that means pool accessories, swimsuits or sandals. Speaking of clothes, capitalize on the end of back-to-school season by scooping up wardrobe essentials that are marked down now. And while you’ll probably still pay full price, you’re going to want to order personalized items (like a monogrammed jean jacket from Madewell or a name-embossed leather tote from Cuyana) now to ensure they’ll arrive on time.

gift guide timeline tv

Buy in November

Black Friday, anyone? November is the best time to score major deals on electronics and home appliances. Sure, it might mean lining up at 5 a.m. on November 24, but if it means walking away with a brand-new flatscreen for a fraction of the retail price, we say it’s worth it.

gift guide timeline toys

Buy in December

OK, if you’re looking to get your kid the season’s hottest toy, you can’t wait until the last minute. But, if you can afford to be less picky where trends are concerned, the weeks right before Christmas are ripe with low prices and toy sales. Also cheaper in December? Tools, gift cards (especially when you buy them in bulk) and Champagne, which goes on sale in advance of the New Year’s rush. Cheers to savings.

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