If You Only Buy One Candle This Fall, Make It This Glasshouse Fragrances Find

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I'll cut to the chase: Candles are my thing. As in, I have about 50 of them scattered across my place, from the coffee table in my living room to the kitchen countertop and window ledge in my bathroom. Basically, I'm obsessed, but for good reason: Lighting a candle after a long day (or really at any time) helps me zen out. The added bonus is how it makes your place smell amazing. Well, with the right scent that is, which is why we couldn't keep Glasshouse Fragrances Kyoto In Bloom to ourselves. To put it simply, it's a soy candle that's actually worth the $50 price tag. 

What Is Glasshouse Fragrances?

Glasshouse Fragrances is a fragrance maker that's all about creating experiences through scents. In other words, whether you're spritzing your wrists with the brand's perfume or lighting one of its candles, the fragrance should make you feel something from the inside out (beyond just smelling good). That's why it's no surprise that it's one of the leading fragrance brands in the Australian market right now, with serious potential to be a smash in the U.S.—especially if we have anything to say about it.

What Does Kyoto in Bloom Smell Like?

Imagine combining a cherry blossom and lotus into one incredible hybrid flower. Now, layer onto that hints of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and citrus. Voila! You've got all the smells needed to transform your place into a fresh garden, even when the temps start to drop. The two-wick soy candle is 380 grams and scores high on the brand's strength meter, meaning it's more intense than other options filling large areas. And of course, it's to your discretion, but Glasshouse Fragrance recommends that you burn it for at least an hour and no more than four hours at a time. 

What We Like About It

It fills my entire two-bedroom apartment, which is a total vibe. Usually, I have to light several candles in different parts of my place to cover it, but not with this baby. After an hour, my home smelled nice and fresh (you could even faintly smell it outside my apartment in the hallway). The glass design of the candle also gives it a luxurious look that you'll want to have front and center on your coffee table.

You can light it to set the mood, destress or for no reason at all. No matter what, you'll probably feel calmer and rejuvenated. (At least we sure do.) While I'll be using this scent year-round, if you're the type who likes a more fall-forward scent, you can also check out some of the brand's warmer options (might we suggest Fireside in Queenstown?).

Sounds like all the qualities to make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season, are we right?

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