Canopy’s Humidifier Lets Me Sleep Easy at Night (Partially Because It Zaps Mold & Bacteria)

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Of the oft repeated advice I’ve gotten from interviewing dozens of dermatologists over the years, one tip that always comes up is “sleep with a humidifier on.” It’s the rare skincare recommendation that can be used by anyone (like “wash your face every night” and “wear sunscreen daily”). Still, knowing something and actually doing it are two totally different things. Though I’m well aware of the benefits of a humidifier, I could never seem to get into the habit of using one regularly.

The main deterrent for me (and I suspect many others) is that humidifiers are often annoying to clean—and keep clean. Alas, a dirty humidifier does more harm than good, as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which are two things you definitely don’t want to inhale.

This is precisely what the folks at Canopy set out to fix with their humidifier, so they added sensors that keep it running until there is no water left inside the tank (which, it turns out, is the biggest culprit of mold growth). They also added LED lights to kill 99.9 percent of germs and viruses and a paper-based filter that catches bacteria, metals, and other particles in the water before it’s evaporated into the air around you. I liken it to a Brita for my bedroom air, and like a Brita, you swap out the filter when the indicator light goes off (every six weeks or so, provided that you use your humidifier daily).

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I’ve been using the Canopy for just about a month now and have monitored it consistently for any signs of mold. As you can see, there is none to be found. Still, because I am my mother’s daughter (and a bit of a Monica Geller when it comes to cleanliness), I will be popping the parts of my Canopy into the dishwasher every couple of weeks just to be extra safe. It helps that disassembling requires very little effort, as the water tank, base and filter parts easily lift on and off.

In the month since I started using the Canopy, the weather has gone from warm and muggy to cold and dry. In short, it was the perfect time to start using a humidifier, as studies have shown that a drop in humidity of just 30 percent can lead to the formation of fine lines, decreased skin elasticity, increased skin roughness and may worsen some skin disorders like eczema. Though I could tell that just by looking at my ruddy cheeks and flaky forehead.

Post-humidifier, my skin has balanced out again. The redness has subsided and the flakes have retreated. My face, which previously felt like a dry piece of parchment paper, is smooth and petal soft once again. Come to think of it, my throat feels less dry as well. I'm no longer waking up in the middle of the night with cotton mouth and a need to gulp down an entire glass of water.

The other thing I appreciate about the Canopy is that it isn’t an eyesore. Y’all know how clunky and large most humidifiers can be. They’re usually just one massive block of plastic that takes up your entire bedside table or sits awkwardly in the corner of your room.

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Jenny Jin for PureWow

For scale, Canopy’s lil’ guy is approximately the height and width of a medium-sized hardcover book and doesn’t look like it’s going to transform into an action figure in the middle of the night. Instead, it sits unobtrusively next to my sunrise alarm clock like two best friends, who have a vested interest in my sleep, skin, and wellbeing.

On that final note, the Canopy is also an aromatherapy diffuser. You see that little ceramic puck that’s sitting directly on top of the grates in the photo above this one? That’s actually a discreet diffuser that you can dispense essential oils onto. Each Canopy comes with a HYKU Aroma Kit that features three diffuser pucks and three different essential oils of French lavender, Indian eucalyptus and Australian tea tree.

I’ve been using the lavender oil every night and I swear, between that, and the soft hum of the humidifier, I have been sleeping better overall, which is perhaps the best gift of all in a year like 2020.

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