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Are you a gal who just loves stuff? Or are you more of the “possessions-only-weigh-you-down” disposition?

How do the two stack up against each other, anyway? Ask and ye shall receive.


Pros of being a hoarder:

You have more free time. Let’s face it--cleaning, organizing and putting stuff back where it “belongs” takes time--and lots of it. By letting your life get a little unruly, you buy yourself more hours for work, adventure and fun.

You’re always prepared. You’ve got plenty of flashlights and reading material when the next Stormageddon hits, and you can execute last minute re-gifts in a snap.

It promotes creativity. Studies have shown that clutter-free environments are actually a major deterrent for creative work. Call it the Albert Einstein effect, but something about all the chaos just makes us want to make!


Pros of being a minimalist:

You’ll waste less time deciding. Ever heard of the paradox of choice? Yup, if you’ve got only six dresses (all of which you love), you’ll expend way less energy figuring out what to wear each morning.

It could ultimately make you a happier person. Waste not, want not, folks. Countless studies have shown that owning fewer possessions and living simply have tremendous benefits for your mental and physical well-being.

It’s easy on the eyes. Bottom line? A cleaner house is a prettier house. This is a major benefit to you, your family and all who dare to enter.

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