We’ve long loved Ikea for its chic, affordable furniture; intuitive directions; and out-of-this-world meatballs. But it turns out there are all sorts of cool services we haven’t been taking advantage of. Here are ten that make an already delightful shopping experience even better.

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You can get someone to design your kitchen for free
A come-to-your-house Ikea planner (and measurer) will cost you, but if you bring your specs into your local store, a rep will usually be happy to help you design your kitchen using the company’s video-game-like software. Open shelving, here you come.

You can return assembled items
Look, you had to put that Nordli nightstand together in order to know it wouldn’t work for you. Bring it back—fully assembled—the store will almost always give you a refund. (The exception is if you’ve done anything to damage it.) 


Or return a mattress within a year of buying it
Spend a year sleeping on the thing. If you’re not 100 percent happy, Ikea will take it back, no questions asked. 

There are online assembly videos for anyone baffled by directions
Sometimes you just need to watch someone put together a Pax wardrobe before you can do it yourself.


If you sign up for Ikea Family, you get free coffee or tea every time you visit
The Family membership is free and gets you tons of perks—most notably a complimentary hot beverage at the restaurant.

And price matching
If a product you bought with your Ikea Family card goes on sale within 90 days of purchase, you get a refund for the difference.

And you could be selected for a $100 gift card
Every store selects one lucky winner each month. That could be you!


There's free child care
Bring your toilet-trained children ages four to ten to the Swedish-forest-themed Småland, and you’ll get one hour of no-cost babysitting.

And a nursing room
This one varies from store to store, but most have a quiet room with an armchair for nursing, changing or just taking a breather.

And free tampons in the bathrooms
No strings attached.

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