We Keep Seeing Poppi’s Trendy Prebiotic Soda All Over Instagram and It’s Available on Amazon Prime

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Let's talk gut health for a minute. It's been a hot topic in the wellness world for quite a while, with the notion that 70 percent of your body's immunity begins in the gut. If your digestive system is out of whack (which, let's be real, whose isn't right now?), you might have an imbalance in the bacteria that's essential to help keep things running smoothly, if you know what we mean.

Something that can drastically help? Adding a prebiotic to your daily supplement intake. Different from probiotics, prebiotics are types of fiber found in food that feed the good bacteria in your gut that is purported to strengthen immunity, improve digestion, promote weight loss, clear your complexion and more. But like many vitamins and minerals, we often don't get enough in our everyday diets. And that's where supplements come in. If you don't want to introduce another pill to your lineup, there's a new way to get all the good benefits without even really thinking about it: Poppi Prebiotic Soda.

You may have seen Poppi (formerly called Mother) on one of your Shark-Tank binges, or more likely, on Instagram. The popular drink is trending among influencers (like Rydel Lynch, Alexa Losey, Claudia Sulewski and Alyssa Lynch) and fitness pros who claim it tastes nothing like apple cider vinegar, aka the homeopathic ingredient that delivers your daily dose of prebiotics. Thanks to sparkling water, seven fruity flavors and a touch of natural sweetener, it satisfies sugary soda cravings with extreme health benefits. And drinking just one 20-calorie can per day provides your whole serving of prebiotics.

Not only can you get Poppi delivered to your doorstep via Amazon Prime, but you can also get $6 off a 12-pack via Amazon right now by clicking the coupon box before adding it to your cart.

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